3 different ways to walk down the aisle at your wedding

One of the most beautiful things about weddings is the aisle. It's the first time your guests and possibly even your soon-to-be spouse will see you in your wedding attire and it marks the beginning of your marriage journey with your partner.

You can choose to walk down the aisle with your parents, your mum or even alone. The aisle is a symbol of your love, so don't feel like you have to walk down it in the same way your parents did. On the other hand, if you're planning your wedding so you can highlight your independence then a non-traditional wedding aisle may be the best option for you.

See 3 different ways to walk down the aisle at your wedding below.

wedding aisle

1. With both of your parents.

Have both of your parents hold your arms as you walk to your favourite song. The parents of the bride are often the most excited and enthusiastic guests at a wedding. They’ve watched their daughter grow into a smart, capable young woman and they’re looking forward to celebrating the woman she’s about to become. As such, they’re often the first to arrive, are often the last to leave and are always the earliest to the dance floor. They know their daughter better than anyone and they love having the opportunity to celebrate her life with other family and friends.

2. With your mum.

There’s no reason why your mother couldn’t be the one to walk you down the aisle if you’re closer to her. Generally, the mother of the bride is the matriarch of the bride’s family. She is the one who is responsible for making sure you enjoy your special day. She is also the one who will be helping you plan your big day. The mother of the bride is often the one who is most excited for the wedding and she is the one who will be helping to make it the best day possible for everyone.

3. Try it alone.

Who says you need an escort? Many women in modern times have survived for years without the assistance of a partner or parent. Make a grand entrance without an escort to demonstrate your independence and self-reliance.

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