3 low-cost summer wedding ideas

Summer weddings bring a special kind of joy. From the lush greenery and vibrant colours of the outdoor venues, to the festive decorations and delicious food, there is something special about the air at a summer wedding.

Read on for our affordable summer wedding ideas that’ll help you marry in style without breaking the bank. 

Summer wedding

Photo: Naren Bedekar Photography

1. Scale back

The most effective approach to reduce the cost of your wedding is to reduce the number of guests, any wedding planner will tell you. If your guest list is only under 50 people, you could treat your guests to a fine-dining experience.

2. Leave the hard work to your venue

You won’t have to spend much on additional décor if your venue is already summerised! Consider looking for a venue that has a commercial kitchen. So, places like a hotel, restaurant, resort with an outdoor space will save you costs as you would not have to hire additional vendors to bring everything in such as chairs and tables (plus covers), catering, cutlery/crockery, cleaning service, meal and beverage service and they may have an onsite coordinator that can support you.

3. Re-use your mandap as your reception backdrop

That’s right. You spend hundreds and thousands on your floral mandap for only a few hours. To make better use of your mandap décor, reuse it as a backdrop for your reception.

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