4 things you must do if your wedding will be under a tent

Outdoor tent

There’s no mistaking the allure of an outdoor wedding tent. Whether you’re opting for a rustic affair or a more modern look, tents can make your wedding dreams a reality. From simple canvas affairs to intricately designed hexagonal tents, there’s a tent for every taste and budget.

However, building a wedding structure is very different from setting up a tent you and your fiancé sleep in when you go camping. It takes a lot of effort and calls for equal amounts of planning and preparation.

Before choosing to have a tented wedding, here are several factors that must be considered:

1. Prior to booking wedding tent

Before making a reservation, familiarise yourself with the guidelines of the venue.

When can you begin setting up? Because it might take anywhere from one to four days to put together a tent, this question is quite important.

2. Get a head start

Since rental companies have a limited selection of sizes and types, you should reserve one as soon as your wedding date is set and you are reasonably certain of the number of guests, but no later than six months beforehand.

3. Be prepared for rain

Your tent may be left open in ideal conditions. However, have wall paneling on hand and a quick-to-implement plan in place if you need to keep the rain out.

4. Consider the temperature carefully

Nothing is worse than being confined to a tent in January without air conditioning, believe us. Depending on your date, you may need heaters or air conditioners to keep everyone cosy.

A clear top tent, for example, is great for bringing the outdoors in for your wedding, but it also functions as a glasshouse, trapping warm air and damaging those wilt-able flowers.

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