5 wedding planning tips and tricks that are easy!

Wedding planning simple tips to help you plan your big day.

wedding planning

1. Wedding Planning Guest Count

When wedding planning a big fat Indian wedding, you will generally have a larger guest count. The bigger your guest list then the bigger your cost per head. The first question most vendors ask when approached is what is your budget and guest count? Top tip is to sort out your guest list early as this will determine your overall wedding budget.

2. Dates and Pundit Ji Availability

If you are having a Hindu wedding then you know that before we do anything we consult with our family Pundits first to obtain an auspicious date. Go one step further and request for at least 2 – 3 auspicious dates. This is so that you are not limited when attempting to book your wedding venue and vendors.

The months between November to April are generally popular so most venues, florists, caterers that you specifically want may not be available on the date that is auspicious for you. When you have a few auspicious dates that can align with vendor availability, it makes the booking process easier.

3. Venue and Location

Consider looking for a venue that has a commercial kitchen. So places like a hotel, restaurant, resort with an outdoor space will save you costs as you would not have to hire additional vendors to bring everything in such as chairs and tables (plus covers), catering, cutlery/crockery, cleaning service, meal and beverage service and they may have an onsite co-ordinator that can support you.

“Top tip is to sort out your guest list early as this will determine your overall wedding budget. “

4. Vendors

From personal experience, take notice how a vendor communicates with you. Ironically, I am a vendor myself but I have also been a bride so if they seem unreliable or not interested early on in your discussions then it may not be a right match for the real work. You want to book someone you can trust and can look after your wedding preparations.

5. Have someone you trust in charge on your big day

Ask your sister, brother, mum or best friend to attend to queries or tasks on your wedding day that you will not be able to for example checking on vendors whether they have arrived on time? do they know where to set-up? You will need their helping hands and all you need to do is ask.

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