Are wedding favours worth it?

wedding favours

Well, that depends.

Wedding favours are a great way to add a little extra something to your guests’ experience. They’re the small gifts that guests can take home as a memory of your special day. By offering favours as a thank-you to your guests you can make them feel special while also saving yourself time and money on additional decorations.

One of the biggest frustrations for couples with favours is that guests leave them behind. A useful way to cut waste and make sure you’re giving your guests something they won’t want to forget at the end of the night is to keep it simple.

Your favours can be as simple or elaborate as you like, and they can be customised to fit your theme and style. Some of the most popular wedding favours include something edible like jelly beans, cookie dough, chocolate bars, and even bath salt soaps.

You can set up a takeaway table with small-batch popcorn or large or salty pretzels close to the exit. Even while they might not consume these treats right away, your guests will probably tuck into the food when they get back to their rooms for the evening.

These are just some of the ways to help you reduce waste and avoid wedding favours ending up in the bin.

“Some of the most popular wedding favours include something edible like candy, cookie dough, chocolate bars, wine, beer and even bath salt soaps. “

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