Artificial wedding flowers are cheaper, right?

It is a common misconception that artificial wedding flowers are cheaper than fresh wedding flowers. In fact, high quality artificial flowers (the kind that look real) cost a lot more than fresh flowers.

Artificial wedding flowers

Why do artificial wedding flowers cost more?

Artificial flowers come in various types (silk, clay, plastic) the higher the quality, the higher the price. The quality of the flower is determined by how realistic it appears. More labour and raw materials are required to produce a realistic looking flower including printing, painting, carving etc. This is why artificial flowers can be more costly than fresh flowers.

If you pay less money for artificial wedding flowers, then chances are they will not look as realistic.

Why choose fresh wedding flowers?

Every wedding is personal and fresh flowers add an irreplaceable ambiance to any wedding. With fresh flowers, you can re-purpose these to save costs. For example, bouquets can be used as floral arrangements or as gifts to the bridal party.

“If you pay less money for artificial wedding flowers, then chances are they will not look as realistic. “

How much will fresh flowers cost for my wedding?

When looking at your overall budget, the first step to decide is how important are wedding flowers to you? Are they a focal point of your décor? Or will they just be there to add that decorative touch?

As a good rule of thumb, wedding flower décor budget should account for 10-15% of your overall wedding budget.  

If aiming for Insta- or Pinterest-worthy design, allow 20-25% of your total wedding budget. 

It’s also important to be aware labour charges can vary dramatically as well. Each venue has its own rules on when we can set up, and when we need to pack down. All of this has an impact on costs for the day.  

Psst; If you are unsure how much of your overall budget you should allow for fresh flowers, our Flower Power blog will guide you through what you can expect to spend based on your on-the-day requirements or expectations.

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