Inflation: How much will wedding flowers and décor cost in 2022?

Let’s talk inflation! And its impact on wedding flowers and decor.

Inflation wedding

Just like with everything right now, the price of wedding flowers and décor has gone up with record inflation rates since the great recession.

So how did this happen?

A combination of shipment delays, fuel, supply shortages and warm climate conditions have pushed the costs to an all time high.

COVID-19 forced farmers to shutdown their farms during lockdown because they did not have employees to keep going. As the world slowly starts back up again, our farmers are now re-employing staff to help grow their crops. This takes time.

Extreme weather conditions such as draught and flooding globally have slowed the flower growing process.

Fuel costs have a dramatic impact on transportation costs with delivery rates at a premium and drivers in high demand.

As weddings and events are returning into full force with two years of weddings happening in one time. The supply is not able to meet demand. Therefore, an increase in price. Overall an increase in inflation and wedding decor. 

How much will it cost?

We have a $5K minimum investment requirement if we are building a custom floral mandap which may also take into account few table arrangements. 

If you are looking for extra lush tables, lavish aisle décor and a large mandap installation then this budget range typically falls between $10K – $20K for a guest count between 100 – 160.

Insta or Pinterest worthy designs?

These over-the-top designs can fall anywhere between $30K – $100K on just the flowers. We know, sounds outrageous right? We are not kidding.

What can you do?

There are ways you can keep your flower costs relatively low and maximize your overall wedding budget.

Here are 6 ways to save on costs:

1. Prioritise your floral placement.

Choose pieces that make the most impact and prioritise their placement. Think about what will be photographed the most (usually the bridal couple and the ceremony site), where your guests spend the most time (sitting at dining tables), and what photos you are likely to have framed after the wedding. 

2. Follow the general rule of thumb.

As a good rule of thumb, wedding flower décor budget should account for 10-15% of your overall wedding budget.  

If aiming for Insta- or Pinterest-worthy design, allow 20-25% of your total wedding budget. 

“Top tip is to sort out your guest list early as this will determine your overall wedding budget. “

3. Reduce the number of flowers.

Prices will vary depending on the number of flowers used, and how many premium blooms are included. For example, peonies and hydrangeas are more expensive blooms.  

4. Labour charges.

It’s also important to be aware labour charges can vary dramatically as well. Each venue has its own rules on when we can set up, and when we need to pack down. All of this has an impact on costs for the day.

5. Reuse your ceremony flowers at the reception.

Reuse your ceremony flowers at the reception. If you are lining your aisle with floral aisle markers, those can be easily moved to your reception stage.

6. Choose a venue that is naturally beautiful.

Choose a venue that is naturally beautiful. Does your venue need flowers to distract the eye and enhance its appeal? or is the venue already so lovely that just a few flower arrangements are required to carry through your colour palette? 

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