Psst. Wedding design tips and tricks.

Psst. Wedding design tips and tricks.​

Doing some research? Check out our super-useful blogs and articles.​

Doing some research? Check out our super-useful wedding blogs and articles.

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There could be several reasons why wedding flowers are expensive in 2024. Read more for some possible explanations.

Summer weddings bring a special kind of joy. From the lush greenery and vibrant colours of the outdoor venues, to the festive decorations and delicious food, there is something special about the air at a summer wedding. Read on for our affordable summer wedding ideas that’ll help you marry in style without breaking the bank.

Being able to count on a great group of bridesmaids to help you with wedding planning is a huge plus, but you should be careful not to harm your friendship or go beyond the boundaries of bridesmaid duties.

It is a serious action and not one you should take lightly to ask your friend to resign from this honour. It's not only that you're asking them to leave their position in the wedding party.

Building a wedding structure is very different from setting up a tent you and your fiancé sleep in when you go camping. It takes a lot of effort and calls for equal amounts of planning and preparation. Learn more about factors that must be considered before choosing to have a tented wedding.

Wedding favours are a great way to add a little extra something to your guests’ experience. They’re the small gifts that guests can take home as a memory of your special day. Find out more whether they are (really) worth it.

Bhavika and Ron planned their wedding reception during the pandemic (when Delta was wreaking havoc). Like most couples, their wedding planning process was plagued with uncertainty. What motivated them to persevere despite the obstacles was their love for each other and a strong vision. Keep reading to see how their special day unfolded.

Areshma and Raghav first met over a decade ago. They had been dating for nine years and through the ups and downs of the pandemic they finally tied the knot at one of Auckland's most stunning vineyards. Read more about their outdoor floral summer wedding.

Wedding colour schemes are chosen with a lot of consideration. The colours you use in your wedding are powerful in their ability to convey meaning and evoke certain feelings. The right colour can set the tone for your entire wedding, whether you’re looking to go bold or keep things simple and classic.

One of the most beautiful things about weddings is the aisle. It's the first time your guest and possibly even your soon-to-be spouse will see you in your wedding attire and it marks the beginning of your marriage journey with your partner. Read more for 3 different ways to walk down the aisle at your wedding.

Just like with everything right now, the price of wedding flowers and décor has gone up with record inflation rates since the great recession. Here are ways you can keep your flower costs relatively low and maximize your overall wedding budget.

This floral backdrop is timeless and understatedly elegant, the white-on-white gathered drapery packs a punch for a minimal design.

Your wedding centrepiece ideally should reflect who you are as a couple. Read more about why floral centrepieces are an important element for you to consider.

Simple tips to help you plan your outdoor wedding.

The roles of a wedding planner and a wedding stylist may lap over but they are also different. As a bride, it might be important to figure out what is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding stylist. You may also want to know what is included in their services and what is not. Read on for a breakdown of what each different wedding pro does.

It is a common misconception that artificial wedding flowers are cheaper than fresh wedding flowers. In fact, high quality artificial flowers (the kind that look real) cost a lot more than fresh flowers.

Your wedding is not complete without a mehndi night. It is an important part of Indian weddings and in recent days it is not just about the intricate designs but décor, music, games and even mehndi favours that brides plan about. So here are five ideas to help make your mehndi night unforgettable.

With many couples having to postpone their wedding date due to COVID-19, our hearts sink every time. Taking care of your mental health can be a healthy addition to your daily life that relieves stress.

Aakansha and James’ wedding celebration combined their European and Indian cultures in an intimate setting. Read more to find out the details of their wedding!

Sunny skies, coconut trees, saltwater breeze and sand in our toes surrounded by our family and friends is how I pictured my engagement. Read more on how I planned my destination beach engagement.

Boutonnieres are a groom’s staple. A winter colour palette, with its warm tones, has many couples choosing it as their wedding design.

During summer one of our all-time favourite photoshoots we have ever done is this modern forest wedding.

Wedding planning simple tips to help you plan your big day.

Trying to set your wedding budget but don’t know how much to allow for flowers? Our Bloom blog gives you a handy guide to how much, and what you get for your money!

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We've shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!​


We've shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!

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