What is the difference between a wedding planner vs wedding stylist?

The roles of a wedding planner and a wedding stylist may lap over but they are also different. As a bride, it might be important to figure out what is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding stylist. You may also want to know what is included in their services and what is not.

Read on for a breakdown of what each different wedding pro does.

wedding planner

What does a wedding planner do?

A wedding planner’s role is purely logistics and tracking your budget. Wedding planners will help you find the right venue, source vendors, stay within budget before your big day. On your wedding day they set up the venue for you, check on all of the suppliers and ensure you never find out about any last minute mishaps. Ideally, you would hire a wedding planner so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

What does a wedding stylist do?

A wedding stylist’s role is all about the aesthetic. They design and decorate your wedding. A wedding stylist will design your wedding concept, provide colour palettes, draw your floor plan and source special props. On your special day, they will set-up their equipment at your venue and make sure everything is in place. You would hire a wedding stylist if décor is the most important element of the wedding for you.

In short:

Wedding planner tasks:

  1. Manages your budget
  2. Manages the rehearsal
  3. Negotiates vendor contracts
  4. Draws timelines and floor plans
  5. Co-ordinates hotel blocks and transportation
  6. Brainstorms style ideas

Wedding Stylist tasks:

  1. Creates the wedding design concept
  2. Sources special props and equipment
  3. Can also be a florist
  4. Attends site visit to visualise your wedding day
  5. Draws floor plan
  6. On the day of your wedding, ensures all décor elements are on-site and in place

Some wedding planners also provide styling and décor services to help with the creative side of your wedding day. Whereas some couples decide to leave the creative details to a wedding stylist.

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