Wedding planning stress? Here are my best- kept secrets for self-care.

With many couples having to postpone their wedding date due to COVID-19 (sometimes 3 times!), our hearts sink every time. While there are many factors that contribute to stress, planning a wedding can sometimes be a catalyst. It is easy to lose your self with all the external pressure from family and friends (although we love them!) when planning your wedding.

Taking care of your mental health can be a healthy addition to your daily life that relieves stress. Here are my best- kept secrets for self-care.

wedding planning

Let go of wedding planning perfection

Ever heard of “there is no such thing as perfection?” Well, it is true. Here is why. Even when your special day is beautiful and all your guests enjoyed the experience, you will believe you could have and should have done it better. This can set us up for disappointment and many negative feelings. Instead focus on enjoying the process and give yourself permission to let go. It takes practice but it does get easier. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

It is time for a digital detox

You cannot get rid of technology entirely, so I recommend you unplug for at least 30 minutes a day. You can use this break to go for a walk or interact with the people in front of you. If you feel you are scrolling through bridal platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest for far longer than you should, you are definitely hooked. Stepping away from your phone, can help you lower your stress levels.

Sneak in 30-minute walks

Did you know walking helps improve your mood? If you are feeling overwhelmed from wedding planning, overburdened with wedding responsibilities, stressed or anxious then give yourself some time. Drop what you are doing and go for a nice and refreshing walk. It will help you feel less low and may even make you feel light at heart.

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